DURING the fall semester of 2015...

Miloon Kothari led a class of MIT graduate students, in partnership with the Boston Chinese Progressive Association and DRAN, on a semester-long project regarding the future and community preservation of the population Boston's Chinatown.

In addition to discussion of legislation and policy that the community could put into action in self-defense, the collaboration resulted in the collection of data and creation of several maps which can be found here. 

The maps above depict the following from left to right and top to bottom: 

1. Sites within Chinatown that feature significant amounts of displacement due to a combination of urban upgrading and market-based gentrification. 

2. Sites within Chinatown that host major community assets. 

3. Sites within Chinatown that are communally owned by residents of the neighborhood. 


Below are additional maps of Chinatown depicting change of several demographic and property value metrics of interest during the span of years from 2000 to 2013.