new directions in displacement research

A feature digital blog symposium hosted by the Displacement Research Action Network at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

July 2017



Balakrishnan Rajagopal

“There has indeed been a veritable explosion of scholarship on evictions and displacement, concerning both the global North and South in recent years.  The books discussed in this symposium mark an important new turn in the study of global urban transformations, bringing displacement and evictions to the center rather than being treated as marginal.  We hope that this symposium marks the start of a deeper and more sustained study of displacement in the global North and South, including studies on countries and regions which are not the focus of the books in this symposium.” Read More 

displacement: reflections and questions

Sai Balakrishnan and Nick Blomley

"Over and above the opportunity to introduce the individual books, our hope is that the conversations open up some interesting reflections, generating both a deeper understanding of displacement issues across geographical contexts as well as shaping agendas for future research and action...." Read More

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