DRAN Conference on Hydroproject Displacement Mentioned in Resettlement News Publication

It is an honor for DRAN's spring 2016 conference, "The State of Hydropower Projects Today" to be featured in the January/July 2016 edition of Resettlement News, a specialized publication that has appeared in India bi-annually for nearly 16 years. 

An excerpt: 

"The building of many large-scale hydropower projects has not registered over the
last decades a record of comprehensive successes, and thus has triggered strong
challenges and public criticism. Among various social and environmental disfunctionalities,
such constructions have also been accompanied by preventable social
disasters and impoverishment consequences resulting from several typical causes: the
misplanning and underfinancing of the projects’ forced displacement and resettlement
components; massive cost overruns; extensive construction delays; and cumulative
short- and long term negative environmental impacts.. The workshop was convened to
enable a group of known scholars in the development field to take stock of important
lessons, discuss them, and identify ways in which past errors might be avoided in the

Read the full text here